Welcome to the Frugal Canuck!!!

Welcome to a blog focussed on Frugal Living for Canadians. During these difficult economic times it is even more important that we learn how to get the most of each and every dollar. As I browsed the web looking for money saving ideas that made sense in my life I became frustrated with the lack of Canadian oriented sites. While there is much one can learn about frugal living from American or International Frugal sites, there are also many aspects of frugal living that do not translate easily for Canadians. Some of the Blog posts I have found interest in and been disappointed with the content not applying to Canadians included, "Getting a Better Deal when Buying a Used Car", "Tax Shelters for the Average Income", and "Free High Interest Savings Accounts".

So I created this blog which I will share what I discover along my journey towards a frugal life in Canada.

It is important to clarify what I mean by frugal living. Many consider frugal living to be living cheap. To me they are not necessarily the same thing. I earn enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle. While not independently wealthy, I have no problems affording the current lifestyle in which I live. Frugal to me mean making wise and sensible decisions about how I spend my money, while at the same time enjoying the things that are important to me. For example, some living a frugal life may choose a generic brand of beer to save money, but to me I am more then willing to pay more for the beer of my choice. Where frugality comes into it is that I would love to find ways to get a better deal for that chosen brew.

Frugal living must also be easy for me. I am not lazy, but there are many things I would rather do then spend a lot of time trying to save money. Time is money. That said, I do enjoy finding frugal savings and sharing my knowledge with others. I am not a frugal expert, though hope to be on a journey towards such a title.

Now I must admit that my frugal journey began before this blog. I have already made several frugal changes in my life. We live in a reasonable sized home (as opposed to the large homes many of our friends bought with large mortgages) and we purchased a highly fuel efficient vehicle.

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To me the next step is to find way to save money on everyday expenses. So here we go...
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