New Years Resolutions!

Well, it is that time once again! The time that we all lay out what we will do this year and this time we mean it!

While New Year's Resolutions may not always work out, but they are a good start when trying to make changes in one's life. This year I have made 3 New Year's Resolutions that all relate to a frugal life!

1. Blogging - Chronicle my Frugal Journey on this blog as a way to motivate myself to continue to 'Frugalize' my life and to share the lessons I learn along the way. Many bloggers start out with good intentions and quickly lose interest in their blogs, I will work at ensuring I provide regular, reliable and relevant content to my readership! This blog serves a few purposes for me. It allows me to track and communicate my frugal progress, share my learning, and allow me to connect with other frugalers!

2. Frugality - I will continue to find more and more ways to continue to live more frugally, while not compromising the things I enjoy in life. Many people interpret fugality as being cheap or doing without things. I am willing to forgo some luxuries in life, but there are many things I won't give up, but I will work at finding ways to be more frugal about how I attain these items. A recent example is coffee. I love a couple cups of good coffee in the morning. I have a favourite brand and it isn't the cheap grocery store brand. I have tried cheaper brands, but they just don't cut it. So instead I found ways to be more frugal about how much I pay for that brand and how much I use/waste.

3. Decluttering - Clutter seems to be a challenge in everybody's life. We all have a room, or rooms full of STUFF. I believe that this clutter leads to inefficiencies that take a direct bite out of your monthly budget. Throughout this year I will create and implement (and share) a focussed decluttering program for my home (sheds included). The challenge will be to reduce the stuff I have...and find creative, inexpensive ways to store what I do 'need'!

4. Healthy Living - While I don't necessarily live an unhealthy life, I know that there are some things that I can...and to create a healthier life for myself.  During 2010 I will learn about steps I can take to live a healthier (and hopefully longer) life.  I will share this journey on this blog and hopefully get a little help from my friends along the way! 

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